On The Go: Weekend Essentials

One of the best things about having a real job now is that I’m making real money.  Real money gives me the freedom to travel, and that is the most amazing reason I can think of to get out of bed in the morning!

I really like to look and feel put-together when I’m traveling.  Not only does it boost your chances of getting a first-class upgrade at the airport, I also always feel so much more in control of my situation.  Even if my flight gets delayed, or the weather isn’t good, if I’m as prepared as I possibly can be, I feel like I can handle anything!

I did a few travel posts last fall before a big trip, but I’ve learned so much since then.  In the past year, I’ve been to Canada, England, Israel, and Greece, not to mention countless trips within the States!  I hope to do even more traveling this year, now that I have my own money and a job that I can do remotely if need be.  At the very least, I’ll be able to take some great weekend trips!  By now I think I have this traveling thing down to a science, so I wanted to share some of my necessities…

away_carry-on_green_1Away The Carry-On – Part of my first paycheck went to one of these carryon wheelies.  I used to cram everything I needed into a shoulder bag or backpack and then lug it through the airport, sweating and swearing.  This lightweight bag is an important upgrade for so many reasons: in addition to being TSA-approved (a must nowadays), it has 360• wheels, a lock, and USB ports.  Yes, you read that right: this suitcase will charge your phone!  If you take one thing away from my multitude of travel posts, it should be this bag.  Your life will be infinitely chicer and easier for it.

91tdbjok8xl-_sx425_Garnier SkinActive Clean Plus Purifying Oil-Free Cleansing Towelettes – I carry these wipes with me everywhere.  It is so important to take care of your skin, especially when you’re traveling.  Between germ-infested airplanes and changing climates, I stay extra vigilant about cleansing and hydrating.  The charcoal in these wipes helps purify on a deeper level.

image1xxl2ASOS Denim Girlfriend Jacket In Mid Stonewash – I always carry a jacket with me when I travel.  You never know when a plane or train will be freezing, and it’s better safe than sorry.  I go with denim in the spring/summer, leather in the fall/winter.

4189r0lxewlHomeoplasmine – This rich, emollient ointment is my dry skin’s savior.  I use it on my lips, around my nose, my elbows, and anywhere else that needs some hydration.

headphones-frends-layla-rose-gold-headphones-rose-goldHeadphones – I never leave home without headphones.  Lately I’ve been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat; I’ve got almost the entire show memorized.

This weekend I’m off to my beach house, so no flights for me, but I’m so excited for all the trips to come!  Have a great weekend.  XX, Gabrielle


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