Curated: Velvet

High temperatures and heavy fabrics don’t mix.  Or do they?  In an intriguing, somewhat strange turn of trends, velvet is the fabric of the summer.  Celebrities are rocking it all over the globe, proving that the cloth does not have to be restricted to the warmer seasons.  I love the smooth, soft feel, and it definitely adds luxury, even a feeling of royalty, to any look, so I’m excited that the fad is going to be continuing into the fall season.


Shop my velvety picks:

image3xxl4Millie Mackintosh Velvet Embroidered Jacket

image3xxl5ASOS Wrap Cami Top in Velvet

image3xxl6Boohoo Velvet Strappy Wrap Midi Dress

*As always, my gratitude to the internet, photographers, publications, and models for these beautiful photos!  I do not own any of them.

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