Greece Photo Diary: Straight to the Beach

I’ve written before about how much I love the beach; growing up summering on Cape Cod and living in Tel Aviv, it’s in my DNA!  But I’m in a completely new world here in Greece.  The ocean is a clear, sparkling mix of blues and turquoise that takes my breath away.  I keep freaking out every time I re-realize where I am!

We headed straight to the beach from the airport.  It was so hot on our first day, and I get sick from high temperatures very quickly, and I definitely didn’t want that to be my first day in Greece.  One of the only things that makes me feel better is plunging into a cool ocean, so I knew our first stop had to be the beach!   Our lovely AirBnB host Alexandra was generous enough to chauffeur us around and actually hung out with us at this gorgeous, quiet beach called Alexander.  It’s such a great little hideaway that we never would’ve found without a local as our guide!  We drank Mojitos from the beach bar, and swam for hours.  The ocean totally cured my ills before they could begin, and we ended up staying at the beach until the early evening; it was too beautiful to leave.

I feel truly blessed to be on this adventure!  Posting has been a bit hard because I unplugged for the week and left my laptop at home, so this is my first post written solely on my phone – at 6 AM!  Good morning from Mykonos!

I love the umbrellas here – so much cuter than everyone’s flimsy, mismatching ones at home. This bikini top was actually purchased at a random shop in Athens for €11 on our way to the beach!  It has such a Grecian feel to me.  Had the beach bar all to myself! You can’t tell, but most of this is me concentrating really hard on not slipping on the alge-coated rocks!  

That’s all for now!  Follow me on Instagram @starrynight64 for more photos.  I can’t wait to post about Mykonos and Athens, plus stay tuned for our travel nightmare story!  XX

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