Little Things: Al Fresco

I haven’t been posting many photos or photo diary posts lately, and I’ll tell you why: until about a week ago, I was stuck in a horrible job, where I worked 9-6 or longer every day of the week.  To make things even worse, I had a boss who did not like me, and made me feel pretty terrible about myself on a regular basis.  So by the time the weekends rolled around, I was either asleep for most of them, or watching tv with my boyfriend.  In short, I was burnt out, unhappy, exhausted, and lazy.  I even started having a hard time writing posts for the blog, because I felt so uninspired by what I was doing every day.

So this summer, while I look for a new job, I will be focusing on the important things: family, friends, spending as much time as I can enjoying my life and enjoying the beautiful summer weather.  I bought some new books, and plan to take a lot of long walks.

Last night, my mom, sister, and I had an impromptu girls night!  We ate a beautiful dinner outside, went for ice cream, took a drive with the windows down, and I actually have some pictures…

‎File_000‎I live in the prettiest neighborhood for wandering around‎File_000‎(3)Summer cocktails get me out of my usual gin & tonic routine
‎File_000‎(2)‎File_001‎The amazing spread at Taberna de Haro‎File_000‎(4)I love eating outside, it just feels so luxurious and classy

Have a great day.  Do something that makes you happy! XX

Wearing Aerie top (and matching shorts), Formula X nail polish, Target sunglasses, Cartier Love bracelet

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