Travel Diaries: Pack to Perfection

Somewhat last minute, my best friend and I decided that we’re going to Greece next week!  Greece has been at the top of my wanderlust list for years, and I cannot wait to see some of the most beautiful and historic places in the world.  We will be spending a week in Athens and Mykonos, and I honestly cannot believe how lucky we are – travel is such a privilege.  My parents raised me to love travel, and as I’ve grown up, I agree that it is an important part of growing up and growing into a well-rounded person.

Before my trip to London in the fall, I bragged a bit about what an expert packer I am, walking the line between compactly-organized and prepared for anything.  Here are my musts for any vacation…

07db2ef41e54f5ad61ebf7f1b364f0f6A pair of walk-everywhere shoes – Sneakers are a travel must, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like a geeky tourist!  My favorites are Adidas or Converse.

fashionable-luggageA bag that holds everything – This can be a straw tote that crumples into your suitcase or your carryon bag, but you need something that can hold an entire spare outfit, medications, passports, and everything you could possibly need, according to my carryon list.  Splurge on this genius tech-bag by Raden or go the classic route with a giant straw tote that works for the plane and beach, like this one from H&M!

49fe2f92ec42817958f27e7f070a752aA jacket that goes with every outfit – For warmer weather, I go with my mom’s vintage Calvin Klein jean jacket; for colder climates leather is the perennially chic choice.

d6d6ba322cea984cbc99401028ae62f5Sun shields – I hate how I look in hats, but I always steal one of my dad’s baseball caps and bring at least two pairs of sunglasses on any vacation.  It’s great to bring a cheap pair of shades that you wouldn’t hate to lose or break on the more active days of your trip.

443b636a5759e290648a62ebd710761dA great dress – Not jeans?  Not a sweater?  Hear me out: if you have the perfect dress, you are prepared for any situation.  Impromptu date, party, any special occasion, or even just a day where you want to feel put-together.  Find your one dress that can turn into a million outfits, and never let it out of your sight.  I’m currently in love with this dream from Olcay Gulsen.

Life is about to get a little crazy over here, but I have some great stuff coming your way!  Follow along on Instagram @starrynight64 to keep up with my travels.  XX

*All photos were found on Google or Pinterest, with gratitude and credit to the subjects and photographer

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