Awesomeness By Amazon

I love to shop, but I’m a pretty lazy person.  I worked right next to a mall, so in my precious spare time, I really don’t feel like going shopping, because it feels like I’m going to work.  But online shopping is a totally different matter; I can be in my sweatpants with a sheet mask on my face, and buy everything I could ever need on my computer!

My go-to site is Amazon, and it’s pretty easy to see why: I order groceries, makeup, vitamins, clothes, shoes, furniture, and the list just goes on and on.  Pro tip: a lot of times, there are discounts on Amazon for things like beauty products that would be more expensive in stores and on other sites.  I usually look for things on Amazon before going to Sephora or even the drugstore!  Here are some of the best discoveries I’ve made from hours in the black hole that is

51gy2svhetl-_sy450_Tummydrops Ginger – I’ve had an extremely sensitive stomach my entire life, and while I’ve become accustomed to getting carsick and airsick, it doesn’t mean I enjoy it.  I ordered these before my flight to California, and they’ve really been my saving grace.

l_p0044877780Tonymoly Pureness 100 Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Masks – I feel like I talk about sheet masks all the time, but they are that revolutionary!  I’m proud to say that I was browsing the Korean beauty selection on Amazon before it became a phenomenon here in the states – the markdowns on Amazon are unbelievable.  These TonyMoly ones are my absolute favorite, because they hydrate my skin and I glow for hours.

61eqo3lejql-_sy355_Utopia Bedding Queen Comforter Duvet – This duvet really lives up to the name of the brand; it is everything a duvet should be.  I am full-on obsessed with my bed because of this fluffy, warm, light, enormous, magical duvet.

71rnzbpg57l-_sy450_Nexxus Diametress Headress Leave In Conditioning Crème – Despite my love of products, I’ve always kind of left my hair to its own devices for one simple reason: it does what it wants no matter how hard I try.  But this Nexxus product changed my life; it volumizes so that I never have to blowdry, while conditioning, smoothing, and somehow not weighing my mane down.

51vkppehqrl-_sy450_The Wet Brush – Speaking of hair, my second game-changer was this brush.  My hair gets incredibly tangled, and even while combing it, it will tangle back up.  I’m twenty-three and I still beg my mom, grandma, sister or dad to brush my hair for me because it is excruciating.  This is the only brush that doesn’t make my eyes tear in pain, and I’m never buying anything else.

81i-twhqkzl-_sy355_InstaNatural Moroccan Rose Water Toner – I’ve written before about how much I love rose in anything and everything.  This toner has the most fresh smell, and makes my face feel so clean and radiant.

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