Coming Up Roses

Roses are one of my favorite, well, everything.  I have them in my apartment, my skincare, clothes,  etc.  Shakespeare, Anne Bronte and Edith Piaf were all inspired by roses!  Check out a few of my favorite rosy items…


Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera – I put a bit of this on my makeup wipes, and it really has made my skin less oily and generally more glowing and toned.  Read the reviews on Amazon, and check out these other top-rated products.

H&M Rose Reverie Body Scrub – I am hyper-vigilant about exfoliating and moisturizing, especially in the winter, and rose is one of the most gentle, but also effective hydrators in the game.  People tell me that I have insanely soft baby-like skin, and its because I’m a freak about taking care of it!  I also really want to try making a DIY rose scrub at home.

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil – I put this oil on my face every night before I go to sleep, and it is great for hydration, glow, and fading those pesky acne scars.  I also keep their Everything Balm in my purse for my lips and any dry patches on my face or body throughout the day.

Sugarfina Bella Rosa Candies – I love everything Sugarfina sells, but these yummy candies are one of my newest discoveries.  They have a light, fresh rosewater taste and look so beautiful in a candy bowl.

Laduree Macaron – When my parents went to Paris for their 25th anniversary, I told them all I wanted for a souvenir was a box from this famous shop.  My favorite flavor was the rose, and I just recently bought a box of them while I was in London as well!

Milk It Vintage Off-Shoulder Crop Top In Rose Floral Print – I  ordered this top from ASOS, and rocked it at a family holiday party during the holidays.  The off-the-shoulder look with the floral print just has such a romantic feel!


Primark Rose Lights – I have these in my apartment, and they glow a soft, warm pink by my bed.

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