You’re The One (Piece)

I love the beach.  When it comes to travel, I always prefer a tropical climate and some palm trees.  My family also has a beach house on Cape Cod, so I spend a lot of time in the water.  I usually go for one-piece suits instead of bikinis, because I am a little bit self-conscious about my lack of abs.  Not to mention, I don’t worry about a wardrobe malfunction!

Since I’m planning a few trips to warmer climes in the next few months, AND trying to force spring to come early, I’ve already been on the lookout for some new swimwear.  Luckily for me, one-pieces are making a major comeback.  Check out my onesie wish list…


  1. Milly Amalfi Colorblock Swimsuit
  2. Stone Fox Swim Hermosa One Piece
  3. Motel Nickel One Piece
  4. Solid & Striped The Anne Marie
  5. Wolf & Whistle Lace Up Back Swimsuit

Anyone else just buried under winter blues?  Cheer up!

XX, Gabrielle

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