Inspirations: Week 7

Christmas is almost here!!!  My sister is coming home from Israel on Christmas Eve, and we’ve worked out a whole surprise for our grandma!  She has no idea, and I am so excited!  And my entire extended family is getting together in NYC for Christmas weekend, including my family from London, so we will be having a huge party.  This year it really is the most wonderful time of the year, and I’m feeling extra festive…

1. This gorgeous, vintage style cover of Elvis’ “Blue Christmas,” starring Leighton Meester.  She has an incredible voice, and Elvis is actually one of my all-time favorite musicians.

2.  VERY excited to try the Pizza Cleanse, but I feel like I’ve kind of been pizza cleansing my whole life so… (via Marie Claire)


3.  With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, you’ll be eating a lot of unhealthy feasts, and even when you think you’re being healthy, you might not be!  Get the most out of your meal with this piece, Healthy Foods You May Be Eating All Wrong. (via Popsugar)

4.  I have a fridge full of apples and pears, so I can’t wait to try this cobbler recipe when my family comes to town this weekend! (via Food Network)


5.  Thigh-high boots are my favorite way to make any outfit instantly chicer, sleeker and sexier. (via Glamour)


6.  I’m not a big drinker, but I’d love to test out one of these holiday cocktail recipes.  My usual go-to is mulled wine. (via My Domaine)


I hope everyone is as excited for the holidays as I am!  Have a very merry Christmas/Kwanza/New Years, everyone.

XX, Gabrielle

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