Holiday Cheer: Girl’s Gift Guide

love giving presents.  I take such pleasure in finding the perfect gift for someone I love and watching them open it and enjoy it.  But as a college student who is usually unemployed or underpaid, I try to give people something inexpensive or sentimental.  I know that the most meaningful gifts are ones that come from the heart, so you don’t have to spend too much at all!  Check out some of my favorite, very cute prezzy ideas…


For Your BFF: My best friend and I call each other twins, we read each other’s minds, love the same things, etc., so I always like to get us matching things that we can wear or use together!

  • Last year I bought us the Sleepover Knit Pajamas from Victoria’s Secret; red for me and teal for her.  Since we live in different states, whenever we see each other, we know its a sleepover!  Plus, we are total grannies and always lie in bed watching tv for hours, so now at least we look super chic doing it.
  • Being in college is so tough, and I know that my friends and I get very stressed sometimes.  So I always buy them Lush bath bombs, which make any bath a spa-esque experience.  My favorites are Big Blue and Rose Jam Bubbleroon.
  • What pairs perfectly with a Lush bath?  A delicious candle.  This one from Illume is a perfect match for the oceanic Big Blue bath bomb.

For Your Sibling: As a big sister, I like to buy my sister things that she wants that my mom won’t get her, like nice makeup from Sephora!  We also do sibling night, where we get dressed up and go out to dinner just us two.  I can’t wait for my sister to get home from Israel for Christmas!

  • Innisfree Christmas Sheet Mask Collection – Part of my job as an older sister is to help my sister have an easier time of growing up than I did.  So now that I finally know how to take care of my skin, I am desperately trying to teach Emma how to pamper hers.  I LOVE sheet masks, and she’s even done them with me a few times.
  • The perfect purse: My sister always borrows/steals my bags!  I like these ones from Topshop and Rebecca Minkoff.

For Your Mom: My parents are impossible to shop for, so I always go the homemade&heartfelt route for my mom, and the “something in common” route for my dad.  They love it, and I score major parent points!

  • Framed Photos: Technically, this costs money, but it is an emotionally-motivated gift.  My mom used to be really into making all the family photo albums and taking pictures and home movies, but in the past ten years or so, I’ve been the family photographer and keeper of all media.  This means that almost every photo in their house is pre-2011, so I like to frame new photos for the house and their offices.  I love these ones from Anthropologie.
  • This tea infuser is too adorable!  Pair it with some loose tea, like this peppermint one from David’s Tea, and you’re giving your tired parents a very soothing gift.

For Anyone & Everyone: 

  • Anything from Sugarfina.  They import the most adorable, yummy candies from all over the world; my family is obsessed; they’re always stealing all of mine!
  • Something festive!  One of my favorite gifts to give and receive is this Philosophy Candy Cane Bubble Bath.  Someone gave it to me years ago and it really has that delicious, strong peppermint smell.  I buy a bottle for myself every winter.
  • UGG’s are back in a big way, not that I ever stopped wearing mine!  I love this new style, The Kristin.

And for the men in your life, check out Refinery29’s Gift Guide for Men.  Happy holidays and happy gifting!

XX, Gabrielle

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