New for November

I can’t believe that we changed our clocks last weekend.  It has been especially weird because it was about 70 and sunny every day this week, but still getting dark around 4:30.  So confusing; I feel like I’m jetlagged.

But I am sticking to my usual routine, and have been shopping and finding lots of lovely new things for my face, body, and home.  Check them out!

new for november

  • Michael Kors Rose-Gold Stud Earrings – I love these little studs, and for Swarovski crystals, they are so inexpensive.  Usually I just wear plain diamond studs, but these have become my new day-to-day.  I love how unique and sparkly they are.
  • belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb – My new miracle moisturizer.  I’ve raved about Korean beauty products so many times already, but this one is truly incredible.  My skin has been incredibly dry and sensitive lately, and this gel-like moisturizer helps my skin without irritating it.  Sephora has 100-point minis right now, so you can try it for yourself.
  • NIKE AIR FORCE 1 – I mentioned these in my sneaker post, but I have to talk about them again because I am so in love with these.  Not only did I save $40 because I have small feet, but they are so chic and comfortable.  Plus, they add about an inch to my height because of the thick soles!
  • Illume Vanity Tin Mediterranean Candle – I have candles all over my apartment for both decor and scent purposes.  This one smells amazing and comes in a beautiful tin with a very convenient lid for keeping your apartment from getting smoky when you blow it out.
  • Madewell merino turtleneck sweater – Let me start off by saying that my dad is an extremely fashionable man with an extensive wardrobe.  My sister and I have been “borrowing” cashmere and wool sweaters from him for years.  Now that I’ve moved out, I complained to him that I was always cold without his sweaters, so this weekend he surprised me with this gorgeous one from Madewell.  It is the perfect black turtleneck with a gorgeous shape and soft, warm wool.  Don’t I have the sweetest dad ever?!
  • Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil – I’ve been wanting to try new oils since my skin started clearing up, and had heard/read that rosehip oil is great for fading acne scars, hydrating skin, and a more radiant complexion.  When I read this article on Byrdie, I figured I’d give this one a shot.  I’ve been putting it on my face with my acne medication every night for a week and so far it has made my skin a lot better in the mornings.

That’s the beginning of my November purchases.  I finally turned the heat on last night, so it is getting real, guys!

XX, Gabrielle

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