Fall Carryall

I have so many purses.  Like, an obscene amount.  Whenever my mom sees me with a new one, she goes nuts, because it is definitely an unnecessary purchase.  But with a new season comes new styles.  So tempting!  I might have already bought some of these…

fall carryall

  1. Michael Kors Jamie Large Suede Crossbody
  2. Topshop Clean Leather Saddle Bag – also available in cherry red
  3. Michael Kors Emery Small Leather Satchel
  4. Michael Kors Selby Large Leather Satchel
  5. ASOS Warehouse Real Suede Cross Body Bag
  6. Topshop Suede ’70s Satchel
  7. ASOS Floral Backpack

I love how many colors and styles are available right now!  It is so great for everyone to be able to find their perfect purse, or in my case, a few perfects.  Have a great, weekend everyone!

XX, Gabrielle

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