Best Of: The Emmy’s

Until last month, I did not own a TV, which made watching awards shows difficult.  Not to mention, they either make me too emotional or too bored, basically either end of the spectrum with no happy medium.  But I spent the weekend with my best friend, and she has a TV in her bedroom.  The possibility of a lazy Sunday night in bed analyzing the outfits on the red carpet was too tempting to resist.  And the ladies of Hollywood were out in force!  I always try to find the good in every outfit, because I hate “Worst Dressed” lists, but it wasn’t even difficult to stay positive this time!  There were some truly stunning looks.  Here are my favorites…

I love Sarah Hyland’s off-shoulder Zac Posen creation in this year’s It color.

People either really loved or hated Kiernan Shipka’s Dior top (dress?) and pants combo.  I have loved her age-appropriate, stylish and downright stunning looks since she first appeared on the red carpet at the age most kids are eating Playdough.  This outfit is a win in my book!

I’m not going to lie, Taylor Schilling annoys the crap out of me on OITNB.  But that’s basically the purpose of her character at this point, right?  In real life, however, the girl has some incredible style.  As a blonde who also loves to wear yellow, I loved this ethereal Stella McCartney paired with minimal accessories and gorgeous makeup.

Lady Gaga is known for her out-of-this-world looks.  Remember when she was carried into an awards show in a giant egg pod?  But I happen to love when she goes for sophisticated, understated glamour, like this unique but classic Brandon Maxwell gown.

Poussey is my favorite character on OITNB, so maybe I’m biased, but how gorgeous is this look?!  The one-shoulder cape makes this column dress unique, and the color is stunning.

My first thought when I saw this dress?  Somewhere Cruella Deville is really pissed that Teyonah Parris succeeded where she failed.  But in such a gorgeous way!  This floaty confection and Parris’ stunning hair & makeup equal thumbs up from me.

I don’t always like Maggie Gyllenhaal’s style, but I love this two-toned Oscar de la Renta, especially the detailing on the bodice.

This Armani Privé dress looked even better on TV, when Jaime Alexander was walking around, letting the light catch all the sparkles.  I love the unique color scheme.

 I LOVE Taraji.  If you haven’t seen her totally kill it as Cookie on Empire, do that immediately.  Like, ASAP.  Also she is perennially stunning, fashionable, and can pull off every hairstyle ever.  I love Alexander Wang’s unique take on a black gown, and Henson slays this look.

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