Best Of: Critics’ Choice Awards

The CCA is always a great way to get excited about awards season, as well as a great distraction from holiday shopping and subzero temperatures. I’ve rounded up my favorite looks from this year’s red carpet!

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Red Carpet Queen: Selena Gomez

I swear, I have so many ideas for this blog that I always want start about a million posts at once!  I love fashion, and am inspired by so many people, so I thought I would do a few posts about some celebrities who inspire my wardrobe. Seeing as Selena Gomez’s music has been on […]

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Best Of: The Emmy’s

Until last month, I did not own a TV, which made watching awards shows difficult.  Not to mention, they either make me too emotional or too bored, basically either end of the spectrum with no happy medium.  But I spent the weekend with my best friend, and she has a TV in her bedroom.  The possibility of […]

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