Fringe Benefits

I wrote recently about how the 70s are making a comeback.  And coming back they are!  I dug out my Delia flares from 9th grade and they still fit, but I know that there is a difference between something just fitting your body and something that suits you.  So I have been obsessively wearing a new pair of bell bottoms that I got at the Hollister sale (all jeans are $25!!!)

Hippie selfie at work! Blouse: Michael Kors; Jeans: Hollister; Sandals: Michael Kors (now 50% off!)

One of the biggest hippie trends is fringe, which has popped up EVERYWHERE.  Way back in February, HuffPo predicted that it would be huge basically year-round, and versatile enough to wear on clothes, bags and shoes.  PopSugar is naming it as the Fashion Week trend that can work for everyone off the runway.  So awesome, because there are so many times when I see gorgeous gowns and other Fashion Week pieces that are not exactly cut out for a regular girl’s budget or closet.  While leather and suede fringed pieces can run on the pricey side, there are plenty of options that won’t break the bank, perfect for back-to-school…

Fringe Benefit Collage

  • Aquazzura Wild Thing Sandals – Let me start by saying that at over $700, these are way out of my price range.  But that has not stopped me and my best friend from dreaming of these shoes for months.  All of my favorite bloggers have a pair; they are the perfect, quirky yet dreamy statement piece for denim, LBDs, and basically any outfit in need of pizzazz.  Accepting donations so I can buy a pair, pretty please!!!
  • ASOS Suede Fringed Shoulder Bag with Leather Strap – I plan to incorporate fringe into my wardrobe in small doses.  I think that it will work best for me as a statement piece, like a small purse, or the Aquazzura’s as styled by Sincerely Jules in the photo above.  This bag is a good size for all the junk I carry around, plus the fringe is visible but not overwhelming.
  • Goldie Wrap Dress With Fringe Asymmetric Hem – Talk about an LBD!  This dress combines two huge hippie trends: the wrap dress and the fringe.  There is also something vaguely Flapper-esque in this style, and I feel like it would come off as incredible classic yet ethereally unique.
  • Vero Moda T-Shirt With Fringe Hem – One of the most important wardrobe staples is the plain white tee, but it can be hard to find the perfect one at your perfect price.  This shirt is that, and then some.  I could totally see myself wearing this with my flares, skinnies, jean shorts and skirts!
  • ASOS DARIELLE Fringed Sneakers – On the spectrum of classic 70’s style to 2015’s revamped 70’s, these feel like a 2015.  I think they are a great non-basic basic shoe, and I like that we’re retooling the hippie trend and not simply recycling it as it was back in the day.  My dad definitely does not need a suit with bell bottom trousers! (Take note, male readers)

I’m writing this post on no sleep, so I’m off to take a nap and dream about those beautiful Aquazzura’s.  Peace out and have a great weekend!

XX, Gabrielle

Disclaimer: I thought I was being clever with the post title, but clearly I’m not the first person to put it to use!  As usual, my ideas are my own, and I credit every publication with a link and much appreciation.

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