Photo Finish

In this age of having everything literally at our fingertips, apps doesn’t stand for appetizers anymore!  Like most people my age, I am glued to my iPhone, taking pictures of everything, so thought I would just share my favorite photo apps with you all…

instagramlogoinstagram: unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re sharing your photos on instagram.

mzl-wkclexjeVSCOcam: this is hands-down my favorite app for filtering photos.  they have a ton of gorgeous free filters and then more filter packages for purchase as well.  this app is great for editing as well, so you don’t have to be using a million apps to achieve the perfect pic.

vhs_icon_150VHS Cam: this is a new favorite of mine.  if you’re a nostalgic like me, you’ll love the 90s feel of this video app, which has shaky static, the date and time on the screen, and all the imperfections of your childhood home movies.

icon175x1751967: the most vintage filters ever.  ’nuff said. Such a fun way to send funny videos and pics to your friends, or you know, use the app for naughty things if you choose….

Follow me on instagram: @starrynight64 and comment with your favorite apps!  Happy snAPPing lol

XX, Gabrielle

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