All the Trends on the SAG Red Carpet



So many stars rocked pink last night, and I’m honestly so much more into the shade than I used to be. Even though I was a serious girly girl growing up, red is my favorite color – I never really wore pink, despite idolizing Elle Woods.

Sheer Florals

I love florals year-round, and I’m always happy to see them on the red carpet, especially since they’re usually considered to be a more casual motif.


Many women picked up where they left off at the Golden Globes and stuck to black.



Angelina Jolie wore the unexpected style to the Golden Globes, and a few ladies continued the trend last night.



So many stars embraced my favorite trend, stars! I loved the galactic, out-of-this-world looks.

Time’s Up

Many women chose to rock “Time’s Up” pins instead of going for all-black ensembles.

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