Inspirations: Week 102

1. Apparently, we’re all lonelier than we think. Here’s how to deal with it. (via The/Thirty)

2. I wish I could afford to treat my face to the best facials in Los Angeles. (via Byrdie)

3. This vegan ice cream is a guaranteed hit, and you only need two ingredients to make it. (via PopSugar)

4. If your New Year’s Resolution was to read more, start by reading this article by someone who manages to read more than 60 books in a year. Then turn off your devices and pick up a book. (via Buzzfeed)

5. If you don’t already have a solid morning routine, let the morning routines of these powerhouse women inspire you. You can’t control your entire life, but you can control how you start your days! (via Milk Makeup)

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