Wishlist: September 2017


I’ve been really into graphic t-shirts lately like this vintage-style cherry Topshop tee and cute Parisian-inspired tee

This sheer blouse screams romantic

The tiger/stripe mix on this printed blouse is so cute!


I love the pearl detailing on these loafers from Zara

Very into white shoes lately, especially these ankle boots


This emerald faux-croc handbag screams luxe but retails for $36

I love hoop earrings, and the fact that these are clip-on makes it even better since they look heavy


Vitamin C isn’t just good for the skin on your face.  I really want to try this body wash!

I’ve heard great things about Fresh’s new Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask

The team over at Byrdie loves this Rituel de Fille highlighter, so of course, now I’m dying to get my hands on it!

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