Obsessed With: KKW Crème Contour & Highlight Kit

I’ve never been one for reality tv or its stars.  I know that in this age of social media, we’re all technically starring in our own reality shows, but I’ve never seen the appeal of fake, scripted, or re-enacted drama and dirty laundry airings by people I don’t really know or care about.

That being said, you have to admire the Kardashian/Jenner clan, for putting a new spin on the American dream, building an empire from nothing (or a sex tape, if we’re being specific) and changing the way we think and act when it comes to putting our personal lives on display.  While I don’t watch their show or follow most of them on social media, I acknowledge that they are a key factor in this revolution.

So with that disclaimer/diatribe out of the way, I’ll get to the goods, namely, Kim Kardashian West’s eagerly-anticipated, very hyped foray into beauty.  Yes, the Kardashians had a makeup line a few years back, but this is different.  The new, classier, couture Kim Kardashian West is more refined and less gaudy, and so is her line of highlight and contour kits.  Kim is the queen of contouring, with her longtime makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic’s Instagram’s of the process getting millions of likes, views, and shares.  While they might not have pioneered the makeup look, they certainly revived and revitalized it, causing the beauty industry to explode with a new avenue of products.

maxresdefaultKim shows off Mario’s detailed H&C process

The beauty industry eagerly anticipated Kim’s product launch earlier this summer, and each shade sold out almost instantly.  Being a patient person who avoids stressful situations like attempting to click ‘Buy’ before millions of other people, I waited for the restock last week and ordered the ‘Medium’ kit.  At $48 (before shipping) for the set of dual-sided contour and highlight sticks and sponge/brush, it’s a fairly reasonable price compared to individual highlighters and contour sticks and palettes.

4d634771eaf92e4f4edaa63b8d8a9013KKW Beauty Crème Contour & Highlight Kit in ‘Medium

I was so excited to try KKW’s kit, and it did not disappoint.  The matte highlighter works as a great concealer, and as the name suggests, the sticks are extremely creamy and blendable.  I even like the sponge and brush, and I’m pretty picky when it comes to my beauty tools!  It makes sense; Kim has talked a lot about her love for contouring, and she wanted a product she’d actually use on herself.  She has a vested interest in more ways than one, so she made a high-quality product.

You don’t have to like or respect the Kardashians – though having respect for people is always nice – but you can like, even love their products.  KKW put out a great kit of products and tools, and it’s pretty affordable and easy to use, even for contour newbies.  I’ve been using it every single day.  Chalk me up as a big fan.

Love, Me

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