Inspirations: Week 80

1.  Looking for a new job with great benefits?  These companies allow you to bring your dog to work. (via PopSugar)

2.  We all know that staring at screens all day is bad for us, but in this day and age, there isn’t really much we can do about it.  Enter Felix Gray.


3.  My sister and I have been stealing our father’s clothes for years.  Here’s why you should be raiding yours’. (via WhereToGet)


4.  Chriselle Lim and I have been using the same hack for flawless foundation. (via The Chriselle Factor)


5.  ICYMI, Glossier now ships to Canada, and the UK and France are coming soon!  Save 20% on your first order and get free shipping on every order of two or more products with this link.


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