Photo Diary: 24

I celebrated my 24th birthday yesterday, and I’m feeling very blessed to have some amazing people in my life who made this weekend so special.  I don’t always have the best time on my birthday, in fact, I think I’ve cried every year since high school.  This isn’t even because my birthdays have been terrible, they’re usually filled with love.  But aging, time passing, and things changing are all things that scare me, and celebrating my birthday really brings those fears up to the surface.

This year was different: my friends and family went above and beyond for me, as they often do.  But I also think that I really grew this year, and that’s why I was able to enjoy my birthday and focus less on the big, big things that scare me.  I’m feeling especially grateful for that!  I wanted to share some photos from this weekend and say thank you to everyone who reached out to wish me a happy birthday!  I can’t wait to bring you another year of Love & Water!

File_000 (3)My father buys me a bouquet of flowers every year!File_000 (4)If you’re in Boston, check out the adorable drinks at Highball LoungeFile_000 (5)Last meal of 23, porcini ravioli at Trattoria Il Panino in the North EndFile_001 (1)In October, we celebrated Jackie’s birthday in New Orleans.  In March, Leetal’s birthday in New York.  This weekend, they came to Boston for mine!File_000 (6)I don’t know where I’d be without my amazing besties!File_000 (7)Waking up 24, wearing the adorable Little Mermaid PJs the girls bought meFile_000 (8)I love this Zara tee (also a present from the girls)File_001 (2)The best bagels in Boston!  Gluten and dairy won’t hurt me on my birthday, right?File_000 (9)

Love, 24-Year-Old Me

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