Dealing With a Skin Meltdown

So after a lot of traveling, breaking my diet, and celebrating my birthday, it finally happened: my skin exploded.  Even though I did everything in my power to prevent it, I knew it was inevitable.  When you go to multiple climates, spend hours on airplanes, don’t get enough sleep, and eat things your body is no longer accustomed to, it’ll show on your skin.

Be patient.  I admit, after years of fighting acne, having a few pimples sent me right back into my insecurity.  I felt self-conscious and anxious all week, and it was not fun.  My heart goes out to all of you who still struggle with your skin on a regular basis.

Be gentle.  Historically, I do not do a good job with this.  I used to touch my face a lot, and definitely was not good about leaving my pimples alone.  They would’ve gone away a lot quicker if I hadn’t interfered.  Try to remind yourself that you touch a million things every day, and therefore you’d be transferring germs and bacteria from each of those things onto your face if you touched it.

Be extra-healthy.  I’m going to be drinking a lot more water and eating even more leafy greens than usual this week.  After eating gluten, dairy, and processed, fried, and sugary foods (so many fruit rollups), I really need to detox.  Physically, I feel more lethargic and unhealthy that I’d like, and that is motivating me to get back to healthy as fast as I can.

If all else fails, get a second opinion. No dermatologist wants to be called every time you get a pimple.  But if your skin is going nuts, and you’ve really tried everything (diet, going makeup-free, making sure you’re not using any new products), you might want to just go in for a check-up.

Love the skin you’re in.  Even when it’s breaking out, peeling, shiny.  It’s yours, and if you love it, it will love you back.

Love, Me and my skin

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One thought on “Dealing With a Skin Meltdown

  1. I don’t have very problematic skin (luckily) but sometimes I get breakouts when using new products. This post is extremely helpful 🙂

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