My Style: Mom’s Style

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This dress is one of the most special pieces in my closet, because it used to belong to my mom!  Even though my mom, sister, and I all have completely different body types, we all wear the same sizes to an extent, so we do a lot of clothes-sharing and hand-me-downs.  This dress, in particular, holds special meaning for me: whenever I used to see my mom wearing it, I knew that it was really summer.  As a little girl, this meant weekends on the Cape, warm summer nights, eating outside, and lots of fun with my family.

With 90’s style in full resurgence, I’m so happy my mom gave me this dress because now I get to wear it in the summer just like she used to.  To me, the dress feels like an extension of her, and when I put it on, I feel close to her!  I can’t put into words how lucky I feel that she passed it down to me!

Love, Me

*Photos by Henry Edson

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