Inspirations: Week 72

1.  If you don’t want to change your diet, this supplement can help you align with the world’s healthiest. (via Byrdie)


2.  This new mask from Glow Recipe has over 5000 people on its waiting list!  Stay tuned for my review; I’ve already got my order…


3.  I’m trying to be better at managing my time and living life productively and efficiently.  These tips are a good place to start. (via Career Girl Daily)


4.  I’ve fallen off the sugar-free wagon, and I’m trying desperately to detox the poison out of my system. Here’s how. (via The Chriselle Factor)


5.  To say that it’s easy to be disgusted and disillusioned in our current political climate is an understatement.  Forget politics, many days, it seems like humanity is falling apart.  If you want an ounce of faith restored, check out the Mayor of New Orleans’ speech from earlier this week.

We’re more than halfway to the long weekend!

Love, Me

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