Inspirations: Week 70

1.  If you’re looking to detox before summer but don’t want to commit to anything crazy, here are 6 effective (easy) ways to detox. (via Byrdie)


2.  Want to have a more productive life?  Start this week. (via PopSugar)


3.  What to know about France’s new president, Emmanuelle Macron, and how he’s changing the European political playbook.  At least deserving candidates are being elected in some places… (via Buzzfeed)


4.  I’ve got a permanent travel bug, or as the kids say, wanderlust.  Forbes has the 30 cheapest travel destinations for 2017 that will have you reaching for your passport faster than I can click ‘checkout’ on


5.  This piece on training yourself to stop overthinking is something I’ve been needing desperately. (via Inc.)


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