Inspirations: Week 65

1.  One of my favorite things about being a beauty blogger is learning about how women around the world take care of their skin and the products they use, like in this piece about Somali women.  You don’t have to travel the globe to learn new tips! (via Byrdie)


2.  I’m all about eating clean and keeping myself as healthy as possible, and superfoods help me do that.  Check out seven superfoods you might not know about but should! (via Well + Good)


3.  My spring fitness starts now with these exercises for Ab Day. (via PopSugar)


4.  Have you asked for a raise lately?  Have you ever?  It’s probably time. (via Refinery29)


5.  Read about the bag of the year.  Considering its name, I think I need one! (via A Constellation)


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