Inspirations: Week 63

Spring is finally here!  And what better way to usher it in than with some spring-spirations?

1.  I prefer to think of these habits as ways to become healthier, but I’d like to lose a little weight too! (via PopSugar)


2.  What do you think of this season’s biggest beauty trends?  I’ve been loving blush instead of contouring! (via Byrdie)


3.  I’ve been practicing this Japanese technique at my desk to help combat anxiety and stress.  (via Career Girl Daily)


4.  I was never a pink person, but even I’m on the Millennial Pink bandwagon. (via The Cut)


5.  I’m getting ready to do some spring cleaning this weekend, starting with my closet.  Feeling totally overwhelmed by the mere idea?  Here are some tips to help jump-start your spring cleaning. (via Curvy Fashionista)


Love, Me

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