Obsessed With: Glossier Cloud Paints

Every time Glossier announces a new product release, I set a reminder on my phone, wait anxiously, order, and wait anxiously some more.  Some might say it’s blind faith, but after over a year of favoring Glossier skincare and beauty over all other brands, I have no doubt that each product they debut will be extraordinary.


Their newest launch, Cloud Paint, is already one of my favorite Glossier products and beauty products, period.  A creamy, gel-liquid hybrid blush in a paint tube package to match its name, Cloud Paint comes in four unique and versatile colors.  They go on smoothly, blend easily, and the pigments are absolutely stunning on all skin tones.  As Glossier puts it, “If you can finger paint, you can Cloud Paint…”


I’ll be honest: I’d never really prioritized blush in my makeup routine until now.  My cheeks are naturally rosy, and I preferred the bronzed and highlighted look to the pink look.  But now that I have all four shades of Cloud Paint (yes, I have a problem), I’m excited to put on blush every morning, knowing that my face will look approximately fifty times better.  It’s fun to choose which shade I’ll use and tap it onto my cheekbones and then admire my reflection in my vanity.  Inner beauty is more important, but Glossier makes outer beauty so much fun!

Take 20% off your first purchase, and tell me which Glossier product is your favorite!  Love, Me

* Photos courtesy of Glossier

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