My Style: Black & Braids

A few years ago, I chopped my almost waist-length hair into a lob, shocking everyone who knows me.  I’ve always prided myself on my mermaid hair, and it took a long time to grow back.

Growing up with long hair, I knew how to handle and style it, and with a lifetime of experience, it was actually pretty low-maintenance.  Most people say cutting their hair short saves them time and effort, but I could never even air-dry my short hair because it was too thick and short for braids or a bun.  I’m so glad my hair is long enough for braids again!  I’m no braiding pro like Barefoot Blonde, but I love a good set of French braids!

Adidas jacket/Aday leggings/Asics sneakers/Lo & Sons bag/Ray Ban ‘Clubmaster’ shades

Love, Me

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