Inspirations: Week 60

Happy March!  I’m praying spring is right around the corner.  In any case, it’s time for a life reset!

1.  It’s never too late to become an activist, and there’s literally no time like the present. (via Well + Goodwomensmarch

2.  The most stylish accessory at the Oscar’s was unexpected and awesome. (via Voguelat-la-linmanuel-wre0048519286-20170226

3.  Want a stylish laugh?  How to survive the next four years like a French woman. (via New Yorker267a5c5b5cbbde3ea3ac1b24932f0815

4.  What we can all learn from the behavior of the La La Land and Moonlight producers and cast after Sunday’s shocker.  Read Mahershala Ali’s statement below, too.  (via Refinery29c5ptseewyaajwbs

5.  To kick off Women’s History Month: the awesome reason female House Democrats wore white to the Joint Address last night. (via Bustle632188346

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