My Style: Gabrielle in ‘Gabrielle’

A few months ago, I did an outfit post called Office OOTD: Gabrielle like Chanel, wearing Chanel-esque slingbacks.  I’m not named for the icon herself, but I do like that we’re both fashionistas.  So when I saw that the brand makes a lipstick in our name, I decided to treat myself to my very first Chanel lipstick.  I might not be able to afford their shoes (if I want to pay my rent), but a lipstick I can manage!

file_004-1My incredible great-uncle turned ninety-nine this weekend!  He’s such an inspiration.file_000-25Celebrating Chanukah with my “big brother,” who moved to Israel this week to join the army.  I’m so proud of him.file_009You can even see it shining under the twinkle lights in Philadelphia on Christmas

I wore ‘Gabrielle’ for an entire, very busy day in New Jersey and Philadelphia, and I’m now hooked.  The color goes on smoothly and beautifully and lasted all day with only one touch-up after lunch.  To quote Ferris Bueller, “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”

Happy early New Year!  Thank God this one is almost over.

Love, Me

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