Inspirations: Week 47

1.  As a woman with a full-time job and a blog, I’m always looking for new ways to maximize my time.  Here are some end-of-the-day practices I believe in! (via My Domainestatic1-squarespace-1-413x500

2.  Rolling Stone interviewed President Obama the day after the election.  After all these years, he still gives me so much hope. pete-souza-white-house-obama-favorites-29

3.  If, like me, you suffer from sparse little baby eyebrows, check out these natural remedies for better brows! (via Byrdie7fc772d52f180a6e00b8b6444359074d

4.  Derek Black, a man who grew up in the White Nationalist community, on why he left, and what he’s learned.  A must-read, unique insight into our current political climate.  (via New York Times27black-articlelarge

5.  This eye makeup trend is one of my current favorites too.  I use my Naked3 Palette for it frequently! (via Cupcakes and Cashmeremtqyotgyndm5mdm4mzyyodi5

6.  See how beautiful the White House looks decorated for the Obamas’ last Christmas *sob* (via Us Weeklywhite-house-christmas-tree-06-d89ff3c8-be85-47b5-b2c6-a259ad78f618

Halfway to the weekend.  Keep going!  Love, Me

*Photos borrowed  as always, with gratitude to their talented owners

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