My Morning Routine In 10 Steps

I’ve never really been a morning person, though I desperately want to be.  On the occasions when I do get up early (usually due to jet lag) and have extra time to get things done, I feel so accomplished, and I envy people who can live that way all the time.  The benefit of being an early riser is clear: more hours in the day to get s**t done.  Now that I have a big girl job, I’ve been getting on a better schedule, and it’s been so rewarding.  Here’s how I start my day:

1.  My alarm rings at 7:45.  I love the Sleep Cycle app, because it wakes you up based on your sleep patterns with gentle music rather than a blaring alarm, though I do have a cute and very loud vintage-style alarm clock on my night table in case I really need a double wake-up call!


2.  I allow myself a few minutes to lie around, stretch, and check my phone.  Sleep Cycle works kind of like ‘Do Not Disturb,’ so my phone isn’t buzzing or beeping at night, and I usually have a lot of texts, mostly from my mom.  (Hi mom!)

3.  I go into the kitchen and pour myself a mug of hot water for my first cup of tea of the day.  I gave up coffee a year ago, and it’s made my skin better and saved me a bunch of money!  Right now I’m loving Big T NYC’s Telltale Glow Beauty Tea, which I heard about at New York Fashion Week.  I drink tea throughout the day at work too, but the mugs aren’t as cute as my collection at home.

51drxpafssl-_sy450_Pantone Universe Mug in ‘Dark Yellow’

4.  Wash my face with Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser and my Asian Exfoliating Bath Washcloth followed by a pad soaked in Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel.


5.  I sit down at my vanity and prep my skin for the day.  I’m obsessed with the Glossier Super serums; it’s crazy how much better my skin looks immediately after using them!

6.  I try to plan my outfit the night before, but if I haven’t already figured out what I’m wearing, I brainstorm while I moisturize my face, and then get dressed while my skin soaks up the product.  I like to know what I’m wearing so I can figure out how much makeup I want to wear, and what kind of look I want to have.

7.  I listen to the ‘Hamilton’ soundtrack every morning.  It’s on while I’m in the shower, while I get dressed, and in my headphones during my commute.  I know every line, and it always pumps me up for the day.

8.  Despite my sensitive stomach, I’m trying to become more of a breakfast person.  Studies show that eating breakfast is essential for staying energized throughout the day, and can even help with weight loss!  My favorite thing lately is little baked eggs that I can make in bulk in a muffin tin.  They’re adorable, healthy, and can be frozen or refrigerated for long periods of time; perfect for a working girl! healthy-egg-muffin-cups-pan

9.  Right now, I’m really into more of a stain than a full lip, so I’ve been patting MAC Liptensity in ‘Dionysus’ for a just-bitten look.

10.  I’m out the door by 9 AM for my morning commute.  Two trains and a lovely walk by the Boston Harbor, and I’m at work!

Head over to Career Girl Daily for some more successful ladies’ morning routines!

Love, Me

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