Inspirations: Week 40

1.  Halloween prep has been in full force since August (seriously we all need to calm down) and I’m looking to these makeup ideas for inspiration. (via StyleCaster14582445_1823267021239197_7713080399630434304_n

2.  I really like apple cider vinegar for my hair and skin, so I’ll definitely be trying this drink recipe! (via PopSugar2825fea4_acv-main

3.  Korean beauty at Sephora: bad for my bank account, but so good for my skin and my soul. (via Byrdies1686427-main-lhero

4.  When I’m not listening to the ‘Hamilton’ soundtrack, I’ve been getting really into podcasts!  They’re great for when I’m stuck in traffic. (via PopSugarmemory-palace

5.  I’m always curious to see how my female role models live their lives.  It gives me insight and helpful tips on how to improve myself and work towards success!  Check out how some of my favorite girl bosses start their day and then read about how I start mine! (via Career Girl Daily)9-min

Love, Me

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