Inspirations: Week 26

1. A really great idea that dates back to one of our founding fathers. (via Career Girl Daily3de5ddbdb04aa554c96f2d9c739c9c5c

2.  I never really adjusted to the time zone in Greece, and I’ve been tired ever since I got home.  Flight attendants of all people can give advice on how to beat jet lag. (via Byrdiehow-to-get-over-jet-lag-according-to-flight-attendants-1823838-1467326113-640x0c

3. Disney-inspired couture is my dream wardrobe. (via PopSugargiphy

4.  As someone with blonde lashes, I never leave the house without mascara.  I can’t wait to try this alternative to false lashes, which I’ve never mastered. (via PopSugar297646078ffecdc44d3db78afa366697

5.  So apparently one of my favorite foods won’t make me fat.  Miracles do happen! (via StyleCasterpasta-doesnt-make-you-gain-weight

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