Top of the Crop

Before coming back to Boston, we spent two days in Athens.  It was so different from Mykonos; it’s hard to believe they’re part of the same country!  Honestly, I preferred the beaches and white alleyways of Mykonos – Athens is much hotter, louder, and dirtier.  But Athens is filled with rich ancient history, and I knew that we had to spend a little time there to climb the Acropolis.

Built in the 5th century BCE as a tribute to the city’s patron goddess, Athena, the Acropolis sits high on a rocky cliff in the middle of modern Athens.  In Greek, acropolis means upper city, which is fitting, because we could see everything from the top.  In case you couldn’t tell from the last two sentences, I’m a huge history nerd, so I was really excited to get up there!  I’ve always been interested in the ancient civilizations, especially after watching Hercules, so it was so cool to see the real life Parthenon and Propylaea.

We checked out the museum at the bottom of the ‘crop and then decided to see the real thing.  Even though it was ninety-seven degrees, we climbed up, posed for pictures, and took it all in…

File_000(2)File_000I felt like I was posing with the ancient version of Beyonce’s backup dancers. File_003File_002How did these little amphorae survive for thousands of years?Processed with VSCO with c5 presetPosing in the nice air-conditioned museum.File_004File_000(9)File_000(5)File_001(2)File_003(2)File_002(2)File_003(3)File_000(4)Trying to pose with the Parthenon like…File_000(3)File_000(6)File_000(11)Getting frustrated…File_001(3)Finally a good shot!File_000(7)File_000(8)I rarely wear my hair up (it’s really heavy and it gives me headaches) but it was so hot, even at 7 PM, that I had to!File_002(3)Sitting on the ground because I was so sleepy!File_000(10)File_001(4)File_001(5)File_001(6)File_000(13)File_000(12)


Mura Boutique dress

Gap sandals

Target sunglasses

Steve Madden purse

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