Inspirations: Week 23

1.  My favorite skincare ingredient and some of the best products that have it. (via Byrdie16b6620fbd4569976a860a1cc57c1682

2.  A new way to journal that will apparently reorganize and change your life. (via PopSugar)

3.  In preparation for my upcoming trip to Greece, I’m taking a page out of this Korean flight attendant’s in-flight beauty regimen. (via PopSugarl_p0044877780

4.  All the ways to wear summer’s hottest trend, off-the-shoulder. (via Who What Wearevery-off-the-shoulder-style-you-need-to-know-1800723-1465507251-640x0c

5. Update your nail polish collection for summer. (via Refinery29image1

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