Best of Boston: Brunch

I love brunch.  It is my favorite way to reward myself for eating healthy during the week, or going to a difficult yoga class at the gym.  I stick to a mostly-vegan diet, and keep tempting foods out of my fridge to stay fit.  But my mom made French toast with leftover Challah bread almost every Sunday growing up as a treat, and I am addicted to Eggs Benedict, so it makes sense that I love a meal where I could order both!

Brunch is a great time to get together with friends to catch up and enjoy a leisurely meal. But unlike in New York, brunch is a bit harder to find in Boston, so I’ve rounded up some of my favorite spots for you!

ft3Friendly Toast

Voted one of the best brunch/breakfast spots in America by Esquire and Good Morning America, expect to wait in lines to eat at this Boston mainstay, but it is worth the wait.

Where to find it:  Cambridge or Back Bay, MA and Portsmouth, NH

Go here if:  You can never decide what to eat!  They have a massive menu, including breakfast foods, burgers, and burritos.

Standouts:  Their plethora of Eggs Benedict options, French toast

141105_JohnnysLuncheonette_154-(ZF-8573-75610-1-009)Johnny’s Luncheonette

In high school, this is where all the kids would come to refuel after partying too hard the night before.  I was a proud nerd, so I avoided the hangovers but came anyway for the mac n cheese.

Where to find it:  Newton, MA

Go here if:  You want classic diner food, including pie, which I somehow can never find.

Standouts:  Challah French Toast, Grilled Cheese, Mac ‘n Cheese


Don’t let the word Kosher-style fool you; if you want bacon and eggs, you will get it here.  Zaftigs has been a staple in my neighborhood since I was a little girl, and the line goes out the door and down the block every Saturday and Sunday for the brunch crowd.

Where to find it:  Brookline or Natick, MA

Go here if:  You’re far from home and need a home-cooked breakfast or a giant deli sandwich.

Standouts:  Eggs Benedict on Challah, French Fries


I actually discovered Coda when I was thinking about doing a piece for the blog on the best Eggs Benedict in Boston.  Then I realized that my cholesterol would go way up while my bank account sank below the surface, so I decided to hold off on the Benny experiment.  Located in the currently-gentrifying South End, Coda is surprisingly inexpensive, extremely chic brunch location.

Where to find it:  329 Columbus Ave, Boston MA

Go here if:  You want a cute neighborhood to walk off your meal.  Close enough to Newbury Street and Copley Place to shop the usual spots, but far enough away that you get some gorgeous tree-lined streets that feel vaguely Brooklyn-esque.

Standouts:  Obviously the Eggs Benny.  Also, they make fresh cinnamon-glazed donuts, and they are to die for.

trident-booksellers-and-cafe-910833Trident Booksellers & Cafe

One of my favorite spots in Boston combines two of life’s best activities: reading and eating.  If you want the quaintest book shop and a plate of Belgian waffles, you’ve come to the right place.  They also were way ahead of the juice trend, and their Body Cleanser is one of my favorite ways to perk up when I’m feeling kind of meh.

Where to find it:  338 Newbury St, Boston

Go here if:  You need a break from all the screens in your life.  Grab an honest-to-Gd paperback book and detach from the world for a while.

Standouts: I love their juice menu and sweet potato fries! (Eggs Benny goes without saying at this point)

Have you guys ever tried any of my favorite spots?  Is there an Eggs Benedict in Boston that you think I should try?  Let me know!  XX

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