Inspirations: Week 20

I can’t believe this is the twentieth “Inspirations” post.  I love doing these posts every week, and I hope you enjoy reading them!  Because this coming weekend is Memorial Day, aka the official start of summer, this week’s post is all about the sea, sand, and sunshine…

1.  I always pick one-pieces over bikinis. (via StyleCaster65460-0-zoom

2.  Fake a glow with one of these bronzers to hide the fact that you’re stuck in an office all day, all summer.  Sigh. (via Byrdie8e4e81882f1eb5ffd2b8d9b9db0f8214

3.  One of the most important health/beauty tips is to stay hydrated, but you don’t have to stick to plain old water. (via Byrdie1701044-1458265337-640x0c

4.  Ditch your phone for a few hours, and bring a book to the beach instead. (via PopSugar8ffe8c1e66495fd5efdb29a1949d0083

5.  Go out and buy this top-rated sunscreen. (via Byrdie14225601

6.  I don’t really like sweets other than fruit, so I’m excited to try out this watermelon cake recipe! (via PopSugarprepare-surprise

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