Inspirations: Week 17

1. Michelle Obama isn’t the first stylish FLOTUS to grace that White House.  Personally, I’m excited for a stylish Madame President next year!  (via PopSugarnancy-reagan

2.  My favorite dress from Met Gala was also a technological innovation.  Check it out! (via Us Weeklyk-5f6ddadf-c886-4d1c-ab37-acf2277763bd

3.  It wasn’t the theme per se, but there was a lot of Disney going on at the Met Gala on Monday. (via PopSugardisney-princess-dresses-met-gala-2016

4.  Don’t you dare forget Mother’s Day this Sunday!  This list has you covered in the gift department. (via PopSugarily-couture-mom-life-best-life-sweatshirt-625.  I am so excited to try out these new Essie colors, and how cool is the new bottle design?! (via Refinery29image1

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