Inspirations: Week 12

1.  I have so many pairs of white sneakers, and I anxiously clean them all the time. (via Who What Wear1699304-1458169419-640x0c

2.  As if I don’t show sheet masks enough love… (via Byrdie4a74b393b297af2b3fea490722699f8f

3.  As someone who is preparing to move into a new apartment, I’m very grateful for this Millennial’s Guide to Decorating.  AND check out these ways to make your home feel more grown-up. (via My Domainewhere-to-splurge-and-save-the-millennials-guide-to-decorating-1709178-1458872948-640x0c

4.  I love keeping fresh flowers in my apartment, and now I know how to keep them alive longer. (via My DomaineCrafting-The-Seasons-photographed-by-Katharine-Peachey-8-of-197

5.  I occasionally suffer from anxiety, and I’m learning to channel it into positive things. (via My Domaine08f1635d3cf49a5a87a31f6a00a40301

6.  For my male readers (if there are any of you) this list might clue you in to some of struggles of being a woman.  And getting our periods isn’t even on here.  Seriously. (via PopSugarf3751cb531bad924b14a4579700b3300

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