Oscars Obsessions

Things that start with O: Oscars and Oh. My. God.

Sunday night was insane in a bunch of good and bad ways.  To be honest, I only started watching at 10:45, around the time that Amy Winehouse documentary won, because it was date night, and frankly, I’d rather snuggle with my guy than feel awkward about how racially-charged the show was.

But once I started watching, I obviously got into it.  My picks, Brie Larson, Leo (DUH), and Spotlight (shoutout to my hometown), all won!   Check out my favorite moments and outfits from the show…

– Lady Gaga has been the queen of the awards season, first with her David Bowie tribute, and tonight, a heart-stopping performance, with a beautiful intro by Vice President Joe Biden.  Seeing those fifty brave survivors stand around Gaga brought me to tears. gettyimages-512954210_2752750_ver1-0_640_360

– Jacob Tremblay might be my favorite human in the history of the world.  He was so adorable tonight, and throughout awards season, and I’m sure he’s going to do great things in the future! jacob-tremblay-brie-larson-068ff9bc-b490-4b50-8bc9-5010b7bc8d20

And here are my favorite outfits from red carpet and after-parties!


If I remember correctly, this concludes the awards season, AKA the end of Spanx season for Hollywood.  Have a great weekend!  XX, Gabrielle

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