Inspirations: Week 9

1.  With spring (hopefully) right around the corner, I’m so excited for spring outfits! (via StyleCasterhbz

2.  My sister and I are finally going to Disneyland in April, and we are beyond excited. (via PopSugarballoons-everywhere

3.  I’ve talked before about decluttering my life, and this list really helps break it down. (via PopSugar)

4.  The App Store has thousands (millions?) of apps, so it can be hard to sift through and find the ones that are right for you.  This list can help! (via Refinery29)

5.  New month, new buys.  I want all of these. (via Byrdiefb9009aa22ec4107b09750f36f30b75e

6.  I only have one piercing in each ear, but these pictures are tempting me. (via Byrdie15-cool-girl-ear-piercings-we-discovered-on-pinterest-1678200-1456776555-640x0c

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