Bring on Spring!

It’s official: the groundhog did not see his shadow, so an early spring is forecast!  Spring is my favorite season; I love watching the flowers bloom and feeling the weather get warmer.  Even though its only February, I’m already dreaming of the seasons changing, so here’s a few ideas to make the wait a little easier…

ee0b9d121e846323b2cd36ad8de18fc41.  Keep fresh flowers in your home.  One of my favorite parts of the week is putting new flowers in my vases.  I have two or three bouquets around the my apartment, and they make me feel so cheerful.  You can get beautiful flowers at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods without breaking the bank!

Strawberry-Watermelon-Hydrating-Smoothie.jpg2.  Try something new.  Got a recipe on your Pinterest that you’ve been wanting to try?  Make it!  A new workout class at your gym that you’ve been forgoing for the usual elliptical?  Tough it out!  When you change up your routine, you add excitement and vigor to your life.

d76e2d9ace685872959c2a0e09445bcc.jpg3.  Fake a sunny glow.  Go to the gym and get your blood pumping, and then after you shower, add just a little self-tanner to your body lotion. (I like mixing Jergens with Johnson’s Baby Lotion)  You’ll be glowing like you were out in the warm sunshine!

Ralph Lauren S/S ’16

4.  “Florals?  For spring?  Groundbreaking.”  First of all, Devil Wears Prada is ten years old, and that is freaking me out.  But in the past few years, the rules of fashion have gone out the window, and you can basically wear whatever you want whenever you want.  So there’s no need to wait until there are flowers actually blooming outside to wear your florals!  I’m already seeing a lot of florals at Banana Republic, Express, and a few other stores, and Harper’s Bazaar has them on their 2016 Runway Trends.

5061c6eecebbb3465398160534e359b15.  Switch up your look!  I’m not saying pull out the sundresses and sandals, but I love trying out a new nail color or getting my hair done.  It always boosts my mood and makes me feel fresh.


Of course as soon they predict an early spring, Boston gets hammered with snow!  Let’s hope spring really does come soon…

XX, Gabrielle



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