Inspirations: Week 6

1.  I love my iPad, but theres nothing like a real book.  (via PopSugarread-good-book

2.  Before you love someone, you have to love yourself. (via PopSugar)

3.  I love everything Kate does, so I can’t wait to try her recipe for Green Goddess Hummus. (via Cookie and Kategreen-goddess-hummus-1

4.  I consider Lush to be a seriously underrated mecca of beauty, hair, and body products.  Try out some of their bests and tell me what you think! (via ByrdieOceanSaltSelfPreservedNaked-360x360.jpg

5.  I’ve written before about how much I adore Amber Clark’s blog, Barefoot Blonde, and this might be my favorite post yet!  It’s all about how to have a good day starting with the night before. (via Barefoot Blonde) 

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