Win at Winter Skin

Things I am excited about right now?  Holiday cheer, twinkle lights, making latkes for Chanukah.  Things I am not excited about?  Low temperatures, bad weather, and dry skin.  Now that I’ve finally won the long battle against acne, I’m trying to make sure that the changing seasons won’t set me back.  Check out the products I’m incorporating into my routine during the cold months…

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.52.10 PM

  • Trader Joe‘s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – This is the do-it-all product.  I use it all year long, but I really ramp it up in the winter.  Uses include, but are not limited to, hair mask, moisturizer, makeup remover (even for stubborn mascara!), and bath oil.  Trust me, you’ll be kookoo for coco!
  • Fresh Sugar Lip Polish – If, like me, you suffer from permanently dry lips, exfoliation and hydration are part of your regular routine.  I recently received this lip scrub, and it is lovely!  If you don’t want to shell out the dough on this stuff, you can also scrub your lips with your toothbrush or a wet washcloth.  Don’t forget to moisturize right after!
  • Lancer The Method: Polish – No matter what you think about the Kardashians, there’s no denying their hair, beauty and skin are all “goals.”  I really like this exfoliator by one of their beauty gurus, Dr. Lancer.  And if you really hate Kim/Khloe/Kourtney/Kylie/Kendall that much, bear in mind that Oprah and Beyonce also go to him.  Another great option: Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment.
  • Innisfree It’s Real Rose Squeeze Mask – One of my Cyber Monday purchases was a bunch of masks from Innisfree.  If you’ve never heard of them, they are one of the best Korean beauty brands as well as the most inexpensive!  Each of these “Squeeze Masks” runs under $2 and there are options for every kind of skin.  Rose is one of my favorite scents and skin savers, so I am thrilled by this moisturizing and radiance-boosting mask and it’s price tag.
  • Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil – I’ve been using this at bedtime because it helps with scarring and doesn’t mess with my acne medication.  Find out what kind of oil is right for you with Byrdie’s guide.
  • belief The True Cream Aqua Bomb – Its been over a month since I started using this, so I can officially say that I love this product.  I am pretty impatient when it comes to seeing results, but this stuff impressed me from the start and has stayed strong.  It is heavily moisturizing, skin-plumping, and won’t make my acne come back.  Triple threat.
  • Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base – I’ve been adding a pump of this to my moisturizer, and I love the subtle radiance it gives my skin.  Plus, I wear less foundation when I have it on!

So that is what’s new in my skincare world.  Stay warm, everyone!

XX, Gabrielle

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