Holiday Cheer: Get in the Spirit

I missed Thanksgiving this year because I was in Israel, but that just means I will be going extra hard for the month of December.  And by going hard, I mean extra twinkle lights and holiday cheer.

Yes, I am a Jewish girl who is totally into Christmas.  It is the one time of year when everyone is happier and nicer to each other.  The one time of year when you can look at someone and be like, “come on, it’s Christmas,” and they’ll feel bad for being an asshole.  Twinkle lights and snow flurries, mulled wine and beautiful music.  Who doesn’t like the holidays?

So for my next series: how I do holidays!  Chanukah started yesterday, and it is my most favorite Jewish holiday.  And then my entire extended family will be together for a lot of festive fun the entire week of Christmas and New Years!  A lot to look forward to.  In the meantime, here’s what’s got my spirits up…

1.  Adam Sandler adding a 4th part to his famous “Chanukah Song”.  Check out the original, 2nd and 3rd parts too.

2.  Byrdie’s gorgeous and festive makeup looks for the season.


3.  All the sufganiyot (jelly donuts) at the market in Jerusalem.  I bought a bag and just walked around eating them for a while.  Learn how to make your own here.


4.  All these holiday manicure ideas.  Which one should I do?


5.  LOVE this idea for strawberry dreidels.


This week I’m making latkes with my family and doing lots of other fun Chanukah things.  Follow me on social media and tell me how you guys celebrate your holidays!

XX, Gabrielle

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