Inspirations: Week 4

Happy December!  I just got home from my trip, and I am incredibly tired and jetlagged.  Also, I thought that yesterday was Sunday until about 7 PM, when I fell asleep.  Luckily, I got a little Cyber Monday shopping in!

I can’t wait to tell you guys all about my trip, but I’m going to start the month off with another Inspirations post.  My life has been kind of crazy the past two weeks.  The day I left for London, a close friend of my sister’s, Ezra Schwartz, was murdered in Israel.  I’d known him since he and my sister were eight-year-old’s at our summer camp.  Needless to say, there was a lot of crying and grief overshadowing our trip, and I had to force myself to enjoy a lot of it.

So to honor Ezra and start this month off right, I am going to find the good.  I hope you all will too.

1.  This might seem cheesy, but reading these really helped me this week.


2.  My favorite movie of all time turned 26 last week, so obviously I had to watch it on the plane.  I still cry at the end, but this movie always makes me feel better when I’m sad.


3.  I am so obsessed with Korean Beauty products, so yay for Buzzfeed’s compilation of readers’ top picks!


4.  My family has always been a Trader Joe’s family.  I love how many vegetarian options they have, and I buy their giant bags of kale like smokers buy cigarettes.  They also have a low-key amazing beauty product selection. (via Byrdie)

5.  My new pick-up line.



So happy Tuesday and happy December!  Let’s make this a great last month of 2015.

XX, Gabrielle

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