Sweater Weather

It has gotten cold way too quickly in Boston!  Last week I was sweating in 80+ degree weather, and this weekend I’ve been shivering in pouring rain and it is all the way down to 50 degrees.  What ever happened to gradual seasonal change?!  Global warming, yay.  But I’m embracing the fall chill because it means cute new fall outfits!  And a thirty-degree drop in one week totally justifies buying new sweaters…

sweater weather

GAP Side-Snap Sweater – This color is the It color of the season, and the snaps on the sides mean you can make it flowy if you’re like me, and love to eat pie all season.

Madewell Ryder Cardigan – This is my favorite sweater so far.  Warm, fluffy, and a gorgeous caramel color.

Michael Kors Peplum Turtleneck – I’m biased from working at MK, but this turtleneck is too cute!  It gives everyone a gorgeous shape, and the flared sides are so sweet.

UNIF Loop Sweater – Perfect black ratty-chic sweater.  Nuf said.

Splendid Stanton Turtleneck – Boston gets soooo cold that I practically live in turtlenecks all winter.  So no surprise that 4/7 of the sweaters on this list have some sort of high neck.

ASOS Mohair Sweater – Navy is such a rich, cozy color!

ASOS Chunky Sweater – The multi-directional stitching on this one is so unique, and I love the wide sleeves.

I’m writing this in bed, under a fluffy blanket with some tea, and I’m kind of loving fall!  You’ll hear me complain about winter and cold weather a lot over the coming months, but for now I’m embracing this bearable, kind of lovely weather.

XX, Gabrielle

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